7 Best Tips For Your Klaviyo Email Design Templates

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The last few years have opened new horizons when it comes to marketing your brand.

Therefore the process of sending and receiving emails in bulk is lethargic and therefore with Klaviyo, the process becomes advanced and organized. 

Customizing certain key features in email templates boost your marketing strategies and allows you to expand your brand most effectively. 

It helps your audience to recognize your brand.

The beauty of Klaviyo is that you can create with utmost ease with little HTML knowledge. 

Such customized design would help you to answer the same type of queries efficiently with no wastage of time. 

Here are some simple steps to take for Klaviyo Email templates. We will discuss here how to construct, administer and apply Klaviyo Email Templates effectively.

Mandatory Master Templates  

As every brand is recognized by its name or logo that it creates for its identification.

Creating templates for your brand helps you to stand out in a crowd.

Master Template is a primary feature to show your presence. It is significant that your audience recognizes your presence and expects correspondence through the master template, you have provided them. 

This creates uniformity in your operation and campaigns. The flow of your emails would always stay constant.

At the Klaviyo Email Templates dashboard, the presence of master template standardizes certain assets.

The master template used through your email marketing guarantees your consistency to your audience.

Creating Professional Template

There are some general rules to create a professional template like –

  • Describing your brand through email
  • Placing call-to-action purposefully  
  • Using fonts that are web-safe in your email
  • Conveying clear purpose of the email
  • Not making the image a part of your background 
  • Including necessary links to view in browse
  • Using right typography

So what are the best 7 tips for an effective Klaviyo email template?

The following features that you can use for your email design –

Creating A Master Template 

Creating a master template works as a backbone to your brand.

Klaviyo has a template section that allows each brand to save its master template in it. The saved template allows brands to unify their standards and assets.

In other words, it also allows the brand to keep the same flow and maintain uniformity through its campaigns.

Therefore companies don’t have to write over and over again the same format in their marketing emails so it is most convenient to use Master Template saved in the Klaviyo template dashboard.

With all these vital facts it is imperative to learn what things should be put in master template. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand each one of the above.

  • Adding Saved Blocks
  • Setting Standard Logo Blocks  
  • Saving Dynamic Blocks
  • Hero Image Uniformity 
  • Headline Consistency.
  • A Customary Text Paragraph 
  • Add Testimony For Winning Audience Trust. 

Adding Saved Blocks 

It is crucial to decide your preferences to create the desired block. The block could be anything, say your logo or testimonials. After creating a block, hit the star to save the block.

The selection decides you store block settings which you can use later on to copy between templates. 

So once you save it, you can drag it anywhere between the emails. 

To reuse it in another email, you need to browse an option known as “saved” which is located on the left side in the Klaviyo Builder. 

Now you can name your block and remember that every asset created in your template is saved as a block.

You can drag them to use whenever required.

Setting Standard Logo Blocks 

Your logo blocks are saved so you can use them repeatedly in marketing emails.

Once saved, choose the name of your logo and you are good to go. 

Saving Dynamic Blocks 

Dynamic blocks are the one that varies dynamically.

It actually depends on the subscriber’s choices and behaviour.

Your subscriber’s behaviour is the activities he/she prefers like the items added in the cart, the products viewed most, etc. 

Any Master Template must include all the things you would ever need to generate an email. Dynamic blocks are one such example.

The dynamic block is made up of complex codes that are best understood by developers.

Usually, normal users are unable to understand them, Klaviyo saved option allows you to save these dynamic blocks and reuse them whenever required. 

Now you don’t have to worry if these codes get deleted nor will you need to hire new developers to create codes for you.

Rest assured that these dynamic blocks will be kept safe in your Klaviyo master template. 

Hero Image Uniformity 

 Brands have the liberty to use more than one image.

Just like the standardizing email, you can homogenize the look of your hero image. 

It is vital to have a uniform hero image to use in your marketing emails. Some brands combine text and hero image both.

Headline Consistency

 Selecting and using consistent headline makes a good impression of your brand.

You have the liberty to use a combination of different styles but it is mandatory to save it as a block too because there are chances that within Klaviyo various people are working on different initiatives.  

Now saving different headlines as a block allows your team to use it uniformly in other templates or more precisely in marketing emails. 

A Customary Text Paragraph 

 A customary text paragraph is a must-have block in your master template.

Besides regulating standard text, font, style, and the body of the paragraph, this is a decision of how your text appears on desktop or mobile. 

Add Testimony For Winning Audience Trust

Subscribers like to see proof of your commitment and services.

It is always great to add testimonials in your email to secure the trust of your audience.

The Master Template must have a testimonial block.

For the multiple testimonials from customers, duplicate blocks can be created with different headlines and texts.

Klaviyo also offers integration with Yotpo to create dynamic reviews.

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