Email Marketing Terms You Need To Know In 2021

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When you’re first learning anything new in the digital marketing world, it can be intimidating hearing terms that sound another language to you. Email marketing terms are no different.

The deeper you get involved into the industry, the more you start to hear people using these terms to save time having to explain in-depth about what they want to accomplish.

Some you might have already heard when searching the internet but just breezed past it due to having no idea what it means.

No need to worry, we’ll give you a fast track in email marketing terms and in no time they’ll be rolling off your tongue in conversation with other email marketers.

Here’s the email marketing terms you need to know in 2021.

Email Service Provider (ESP)

The first one is an important one when it comes to email marketing terms, it’s an acronym that stands for Email Service Provider (ESP). 

An Email Service Provider is a software that allows email marketers send out marketing automations and campaigns to customers.

When looking for an Email Service Provider it should provide services to an unlimited amount of subscribers, some of the features your ESP needs to have in order for you to succeed – 

  • Ability to create and grow email lists
  • Have A/B testing on your emails
  • Advanced email list segmentation 
  • Ability to set out marketing automations
  • Create customized email templates 
  • Provide detailed analytics on campaigns and automations

There are many ESPs out there, different ones may suit your business or brand the best. If you are an eCommerce brand, we’d recommend using Klaviyo for it’s advanced segmentation and ability to create personalised automated flows.

A/B Testing

Like we said before in the services your ESP needs to have is A/B Testing for your email campaigns and automations.

A/B testing also known as Split Testing or Bucket Testing is a method of when comparing two versions of an email you have sent to your subscribers. 

AB testing is basically an experiment where two variants are shown to a percentage of your subscribers at random and analysis is used to determine which variant performed better to give you a better conversion.

This will also help you determine what tone your brand subscribers prefer and learn more about their preferences.

Marketing Automations

When it comes to email marketing, automations can be your best friend to increase your brand’s revenue. With your ESP, you should be able to set up marketing automations.

Marketing automations is when you craft emails that are based on customer triggers when they do something on your website which ranges from a number of things like signing up to your list, purchasing a product etc.

The more creative you can get with automations, the more money you can make for your brand and create lifelong customers.

A lot of brands are starting to use marketing automations due to it being effective and efficient in a personal manner while reaching a large audience.

We’ve put together some tips on helping you create a great welcome flow for your brand. 

Open Rate / Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

An open rate is pretty simple and you might already have guessed what it is, an open rate is how many people have opened your email based on the amount you’ve sent it to.

You can see benchmarks based on your industry here, to see what goal you should be striving to aim for.

Click-Through-Rate also known as CTR, is a bit different and a more unheard of when it comes to newbies. 

CTR is a metric that measures how many people have clicked on a CTA, a link or even an image on your email.

You should be measuring your CTR to see how effective the emails you are sending out are, you could be hitting high open rates but means nothing if no one is taking action.

You can see the benchmarks based on your industry here, to see what goal you should be striving to aim for.

Email Deliverability

Another important jargon when it comes to email marketing terms. Email Deliverability is your ability to actually reach your subscribers email inbox.

Make sure your ESP has a great reputation when it comes to having high deliverability rates.

Email marketers look for email deliverability to see the likelihood of their emails reaching their brands subscribers inboxes.

Some of the things that could hurt your email deliverability – 

  • Sending from a free domain e.g. a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail instead of a business domain.
  • Your emails aren’t mobile responsive.
  • You are making it difficult for subscribers to unsubscribe so they mark it as spam.
  • Use a double opt-in instead for a more dedicated list.

Hard / Soft Bounce

Hard / Soft Bounces are two different things when it comes to email marketing terms. A hard bounce is when your email is returned back to you for permanent reasons.

This could include a number of things –

  • Wrong domain name.
  • The email address isn’t real.
  • Unknown recipient. 

Make sure to be monitoring hard bounces and once you’ve spotted them to be getting rid of them because if you have a record of having high volume hard bounces this can affect your email deliverability.

A soft bounce on the other hand is when the email you’ve sent has bounced back due to a temporary reason.

Soft bounces aren’t as bad as a hard bounce and can range from a number of reasons like their inbox is too full or if the file is too big.


Now you’re up to date with some email marketing terms. You can begin to chin wag some jargon with other email marketers and not sound out of your depth.

Never be afraid to ask what something means if you hear a term not on this list, the more you know the better you become.

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