How To Create An Irresistible Customer Winback Email

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When someone subscribes to your brand, that’s when they are typically at their most engaged. On the other end of the scale are customers who have stopped completely after a while, this is when you need to hit them with a customer winback email.

No matter how impressive your eCommerce brand is at creating the ultimate shopping experience for your customers. You are going to have people stop coming or just even forgetting about your brand.

After-all life for some people is pretty busy and you don’t get the time to be constantly checking up on your brand.

Did you know that you are more likely to spend 5 times more expensive to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one? We need to use this to our advantage with a customer winback email.

There are certain actions we can take when crafting a customer winback email that can make it seem irresistible to the lapsed customer. Don’t let them become “the one that got away.” like that girl that broke your heart a few years back.

Here’s how to create an irresistible customer winback email.

What Is A Customer Winback Email

First of all, if you aren’t familiar with a customer winback email. That’s okay, we will bring you up to date. 

A customer win back email is exactly what it sounds like. An email created to re-engage former subscribers interested after they have stopped engaging with your emails after  a certain amount of time.

Our little quick fact from before about having to spend 5 times more to get a new customer, shows how valuable an existing lead familiar with your brand is.

Too many brands focus on constantly trying to acquire new customers and don’t show much love to customers that have already invested into their business.

A successful customer winback email can not only turn un-engaged customers back into brand enthusiasts but massively decrease your unsubscribe rate.

Crafting Your Customer Winback Email

When crafting your customer winback email, the first hurdle you need to think about is what time-frame you are going to choose?

This depends on your brand really, do you want to go for a more aggressive approach or ease them back in?

We’d say 180 days in eCommerce is a fair amount of days to wait before sending an customer winback email but you can shorten the days if you want to switch it up.

What do we need to look at for our emails to be successful?

Subject Line

This will be the first thing your customer who hasn’t engaged with your brand will see. It might be a harder job getting them to open so your subject line needs to catch their eye.

The content of your email could be perfect but it means nothing if the subject line puts them off actually reading it.

Some examples you can use, that brands have often found success with –

  • What happened? We miss you!
  • It’s been a while…
  • Look what you’re missing!

You can also use people’s name to take your email to the next level with personalisation, the customer will see this more as a hand-written letter then just a generic email.

Try to keep it on brand with your business as well, you can use your brand’s tone of voice to craft a subject line that suits you.

Content Of The Email

Once you’ve got your potential customer coming back to open your email, there’s certain things we can use inside the content of the email to sway them.

Some common ways you’ve probably seen in your email inbox already is to offer them a discount, this can be anything from a percentage off or a certain amount of their next order.

Many customer winbacks often involve discounts as they are kind of seen as a last chance to win back a customer for your brand and last chances are seen as the time to throw the kitchen sink.

You don’t necessarily have to do this. Your copy and content in the email can be enough to bring them customers back to your site and invest in your brand again.

These are some examples you can add into your content –

  • New products they might not see.
  • Pack with social proof, people are more likely to buy if there’s social proof.
  • Proven best sellers.

If you’ve already decided that you are going to send out a discount to your customer, you can consider the timing of when you are going to send them it.

That now brings us on to the last topic.

Number Of Emails You Are Going To Send

A customer winback email doesn’t just have to be literally one email and that’s it. We can be a lot more creative, especially with eCommerce focused ESPs like Klaviyo.

We obviously run the risk of over sending to these unengaged subscribers which could damage our sending reputation especially if they decide to unsubscribe or even worse mark our email as spam.

A good example of a customer winback flow sequence, you can copy for your brand to use –

  • We miss your email, a catch up email between you and the subscriber.
  • Discount email if they haven’t bought from that email.
  • Discount reminder email to create urgency.

I’d recommend you use 2 or 3 emails when it comes to crafting your customer winback emails. Too many you run the risk of sounding too needy and desperate for a purchase which could damage your brand’s reputation.


Not everyone’s customer winback strategy will be the same. There will be better times and different emails that will work for your brand more than someone else’s.

You will need to be creative and be testing everything from subject lines to body copy more often than not to succeed in your customer winback.

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