How To Grow Your Email List For Your eCommerce Brand

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As an eCommerce brand you need to put effort into growing your email list. An email list is an effective way to build lifelong customers and drive constant traffic to your website.

After-all, did you know that the ROI for email marketing remains the highest amongst all of the marketing channels. For every $1 you spend, you get $40. Not bad right?

So you can see why building and growing an email list is a big advantage when it comes to your eCommerce brand.

From a first glance, it may look like a breeze growing your list. You’re only getting people sign up free of charge.

But it can often be hard for eCommerce brands to see success in growing an effective list.

Whether your growing email list from your existing subscribers or literally starting your email list from scratch. There’s many ways from completely free to paid to achieve this.

We’re here to help push you in the right direction to achieve a strong email list and take your brand to the next level.

Here’s how to grow your email list for your eCommerce brand.

What To NEVER Do When Growing An Email List

Before we start on the best ways to grow an email list, it’s best we start off with teaching you what to never do so you don’t get caught up in traps that could potentially ruin your list.

Don’t Buy Email Lists

You should NEVER ever buy email lists, many people look for the fast way when it comes to marketing. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking you can achieve instant success in a quick and easy way.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t exist and when it does it never lasts.

A great email campaign is reaching out to people who are interested in your brand and products.

Buying a ‘quality’ list that is your perfect prospects from a shady person on the internet is a sure way of people never opening your emails and never purchasing a single product.

Worse of all, it’s a sure guaranteed way of getting your email domain blacklisted and kicked off your email service provider for life.

Don’t Use a Single Opt-In

Another way to create a bad email list is using a single opt-in for people to subscribe to your brand.

A double opt-in is always the best way to create a high quality email list for your brand. It’ll show they are interested in seeing your emails and passes the first hurdle you want, actually landing in their inbox.

Email List Building Tactics 

Now we’ve shown you what to never do, we can get onto some tactics for you to use when growing an email list.

Website Pop-Ups

You probably encounter one of these multiple times everyday on brands websites. That’s because when done correctly, it’s effective and simple. 

By offering something that could be valuable to your potential customer in exchange for their email address, you can turn many people into buyers in no-time.

Don’t be generic and use the same ‘Sign up for new product launches, special discounts and many more!’ People have seen it a million times and a pop-up should work as a trade.

When creating a pop-up on certain ESP’s like Klaviyo. You can time when your pop-up comes up after a certain amount of time on the website or how much they’ve scrolled.

You can even collect information such as gender, birthdays and many more to have an advanced segmentation list.


A currently popular way of growing your list in an exciting and effective way is an interactive sign up form, potential customers can engage in.

One of the best interactive sign up forms you can use on your website is The Wheel Of Fortune. Yes, like the TV show.

In order to spin the wheel, the visitor must enter their email and details on the sign up form. They are able to spin the wheel in order to win a prize which can range from all sorts of things like free shipping, A certain amount of free clothing etc.

You can determine the prizes so it’s a win-win for you and the customer.

Referral Program

People trust recommendations from a friend more than your average digital marketer. It’s just a fact, people are going to believe a close friend more than someone whose job is to sell them something.

What is a good way to use this to our advantage as a marketer? Start a referral program.

Gift your customer money off for their friend and if they purchase, they will be rewarded for helping grow your brand.

(Make sure you are sending only one referral email. If they don’t give you consent to email after it, stop emailing to avoid hefty fines and lawsuits.)


A way that can help your email list grow big is to use your products in your favour by running giveaways. Everyone loves free-stuff.

Make sure the prizes you are gifting are actually aimed at your target audience or you could end up with a big list full of people that just entered for the chance to win something for free.

Standard Opt-In Form On Website

If you have an eCommerce website, chances are you are 100% going to have a standard opt-in form.

You can use this to grow your email list by again not using the same template which most stores have cause they couldn’t be bothered to change it.

If you sell stuff that’s to do with basketball, write it on brand with your store e.g.

‘Steal a 10% discount off your first order, see exclusive merch and basketball tips to take your game to the next level.’


These are just some of the standard and most effective ways to grow your email list.

There’s many more like market showcases where you can get people to sign up offline, locked blogs and many more.

If you can get creative with it, there’s no possibility in how much you can grow your email list.

Remailey helps eCommerce brands grow their revenue through email marketing using Klaviyo.

If you want to grow your brands revenue and increase customer loyalty.

Book a free audit call to see where you are struggling.

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