How To Write A Email Subject Line That Skyrockets Your Open Rates

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The start of anything successful email starts with your subject line after-all that’ll be the first thing that grabs the attention of your customer.

You could have the greatest body copy that the world has ever seen but it means nothing if no-one is actually opening it.

To be able to write a good subject line takes time and most importantly practice. 

Did you know that the average person receives on average 126 emails a day?

That means we are competing with over 100 other people for our emails to be opened, and in today’s time the world is ever changing.

The old ways won’t work as well as they used to.

There are some practices we can follow though to make the process a lot easier to succeed when it comes to getting our emails opened.

Here’s how to write an email subject line that skyrockets your open rates to new levels.

Make It Personal

Having a personal touch in your subject line is a great way to get your customers engaged.

As it looks like a hand-written letter only addressed to them.

This already beats a lot of other emails in your inbox as it will stand out to them.

Try using the recipient’s first name or you can even use recent activity like their last purchase.

ESPs like Klaviyo make this easy as you can gather customer data and personalise automated flows based on actions.

Use Urgency And Scarcity 

You can use urgency in your email subject lines for the customer to take action.

People respond when there’s the possibility they could be losing out on something, rather than actually gaining something. 

We can use this to our advantage in our subject lines to get people to open. We don’t want to come across as click-bait on our inbox or people will see right through it.

Some examples you can use –

  • You only have 3 days left to register!
  • 24 Hours Left: 20% Off Everything In Store
  • Get It In Stock While You Can!

Be Creative And Clever 

People take notice when they see something that’s outside the box and can stand out in a pile of generic emails.

The best way to succeed when being creative is knowing your limits and what audience your writing to.

You don’t want to confuse your audience with an inside joke or something vague they’ll have no idea.

Ask Them A Question

Asking the reader a question can spark curiosity into their mind and get them engaging immediately.

The trick to question subject lines is keep them open-ended, we don’t want the reader to shoot it down straight away with a blunt ‘no.’

Being Controversial

Now this is a fine line to walk. We all know a good subject line has to grab your attention and what grabs attention more than controversy.

Like with being creative, you need to know what your audience is.

Before you start writing subject lines that end in a massive bad PR scandal.

It’s a big gamble but the returns could be massive as well.

Showing Statistics 

People in today’s age love being told statistics and now email marketers have seen this want in the market.

Using stats in your email can grab the reader’s attention by using insight into the world.

While still also sparking curiosity into reading more.

Show Them Exclusive Opportunity 

People sign up to newsletters on the often promise they are receiving things other people won’t see about the brand.

You can use this to your advantage by doing that. Everyone wants to be the first one that’s seen something or done something.

Including exclusives discounts and new product sneak peeks in your email subject line can be a sure way to get your open-rates to skyrocket.

Command The Reader

Using clarity in your email subject line is an effective way to get your email read.

A no-nonsense approach works well as readers often don’t like having to think or being led on.

Tell the reader straight up what you actually want them to do without coming across too demanding obviously.

How-To’s And Lists 

You have probably seen these in your inbox over the years. A how-to email subject line offers insight to the reader what they will find when they open your email just make sure the email inside is beneficial to them.

Another email subject line you’ve probably seen as well in your inbox is people using lists and there’s a reason why they’ve grown to become so common now: they get people opening.

Lists prove great knowledgeable content in a short, snappy way that builds curiosity as our brains are naturally drawn to digits.

Test Your Subject Lines

As you craft email subject lines, you should always A/B testing.

What is A/B subject testing?

A/B subject testing is the process of sending one variation to a percentage of your subscribers then sending a different variation to another percentage of your subscribers with the end goal of working out which variation works best for your brand.

This will help you understand your audience better and what gets them clicking by testing out different subject lines in different styles.

Instead of only blasting one subject line to your subscribers, think of other ones that you could use to test them up against the one you have.

We often have a good idea on which subject line will win but often can be mistaken. Email Marketing is a constant try and fail.


Like we said at the start, the email subject line is the first hurdle between you and the reader. You can have the best copy in the world written inside the email but it means nothing if it doesn’t get opened.

Use these tips and tricks to get ahead of your competition and be constantly testing in order to increase your open and click through rates.

Here at Remailey we help eCommerce brands increase their revenue through email marketing using Klaviyo.
If you would like to increase your open rates and revenue, book a free audit today and we will go through your goals.

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