Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Which One Is Best To Use

Klaviyo vs Mailchimp

Jumping into the business brings countless challenges. 

This fast pacing era puts a lot of pressure on a young entrepreneur to meet the speed of the rest of the world. 

To alleviate some burden off the shoulders of businesses, the automation platform came into the picture. 

And they not only provide the tools to create a variety of services to manage your online presence but also boost customer’s relationships with the brands to kick-up the sale which eventually leads to generating revenue.  

Klaviyo and Mailchimp are two powerful platforms that allow businesses to deal with their online marketing, sales, operations, and social media presence.

Comparison Between Klaviyo and Mailchimp

Klaviyo and Mailchimp both are e-commerce platforms, one might think they are alike and adopting one or the other would make no difference but there is a wide ray of diversity that lies between them. 

Based on some most common elements we would compare Klaviyo with Mailchimp. 

These elements are:

  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Usability
  • Money Matters

Let’s discuss each one of them to compare Klaviyo and Mailchimp.


Klaviyo Mailchimp
1. Getting started with Klaviyo benefits you with contact segregation. It allows you to assemble your contacts under the title of engaged, unengaged and subscribers.

2. Klaviyo facilitates you to group your subscribers based upon the preferences, mostly on transactional or behavioural data. 

It withdraws information from the CRM you are using and segments the list depending upon the conduct audience show with your brand.

3. Klaviyo segmentation benefits the brands by empowering personalized email campaigns.

1. Mailchimp lacks segmentation tools.

It doesn’t provide such absolute segregation of contacts. However smaller lists of your clients can be created.

2. Mailchimp doesn’t facilitate its users to group the subscribers as the option of behavioural data is not available.


1. Klaviyo stands out in automation too. The easy to use templates let you create automated emails within no time. 

From welcome flow to work-flow, everything can be automated with the utmost ease.

Whether it’s a welcome message, birthday wishes, abandoned cart reminder, delivery details, or order updates.

Klaviyo takes care of all the tasks with its advanced and efficient automation features.

2. Templates can be customized, and new templates can be created.

An entirely new workflow can also be created depending upon the choices your client makes.

Workflow with multiple routes can also be fashioned to cover your all possibilities.

3. Flow canvas makes a trouble-free showcase of comparing different emails whereas branch email flow makes the experience more personal for brands to understand the flow of sales.
1. Mailchimp set the automation process based on your marketing goals. The development of the workflow depends upon your course of action.

You can create instinctive workflow templates at maximum ease.

2. The more advanced automation features are included in paid plans.

3. Mailchimp is linked with your websites and can send emails to the customers based upon their activities.


1. Talking about usability Klaviyo is considered one of the best e-commerce platforms. It’s easy to use options that let the users benefit from all the options.

2. Creating an account is literally as easy as ABC. It doesn’t involve the user in multiple steps procedure rather literally three steps procedure and you are connected.

3. Professionally made templates let you build up and save the desired blocks. It gives you complete control over your emails

4. There is a distinctive feature of drag and drop that is used to assemble automated workflow and helps you to design your marketing campaign with no switching between tabs.

5. No coding knowledge is required to create your responsive emails. Few clicks and basic knowledge is enough to get started with it.

6. Klaviyo has the feature of integrating an eCommerce platform with your website and social media.

Thus it incorporates your company logo automatically in your emails.
1. Mailchimp is endowed with an excellent usability experience.

2. The built-in design templates offer amazing designing techniques to create some top-notch branded emails.

3. Its features are resourceful and easy to supervise.

4. The creation of workflow is also simple to create.

5. Some of the tabs are names differently and therefore require some effort to locate.

Money Matters

1. Official Klaviyo website claims that “Mailchimps is for sending emails. 
Klaviyo makes you money”

2. Klaviyo offers a free pricing level. This level offers a plan comprising 250 contracts and 500 emails.

3. Straightforward pricing details with no hidden charges. 

4. Mailchimp might look cheap initially as compared to Klaviyo but the overall cost of your plan justifies the services provided thus making it a cost-efficient eCommerce platform to choose from over others.

1. Mailchimp has a free pricing level with basic templates only and the offer doesn’t support A/B testing, devoted customer support, and analysis.

2. Almost 2000 subscribers are promised with a free tier which is no doubt greater than Klaviyo.

3. Hidden charges let the user lament afterward as the Mailchimp charges separately for additional tools like multivariate and analytics.

4. Mailchimp offers a two-factor authentication discount. 

5. There is a payment method called ‘pay as you go plan” which gives the liberty to pay monthly or pay for credits when it is required.

Wrapping Up

Many big brands have switched themselves from Mailchimp to Klaviyo.

One of the leading review software CAPTERRA released their ratings and testimonials based on the research conducting by them to compare both tools and Klaviyo is the winner.

According to reviews of real users, Klaviyo is quite better than Mailchimp in terms of advanced features, reliability and usability.

And most of the users stated that they switched from Mailchimp due to the easy to use options of Klaviyo.

Therefore I personally would recommend Klaviyo if you are an e-commerce merchant and looking for more automation features.

If you are looking for a Klaviyo expert to help further your brand.

Remailey helps eCommerce brands further their email journey successfully.

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