Why Your Klaviyo Welcome Flow Is Important

Klaviyo Welcome Flow

Klaviyo, developed in 2012, is a cloud-based software that provides a platform for online businesses to market their brand.

It provides the opportunity to the businesses to expand by integrating them with multiple platforms and offers many different key features including audience segmentation, performance reporting, the responsive drag and drop email creator, A/B Testing tool and many more.

What Is A Welcome Flow

Welcome flow, also known as welcome automation, is a sequence of emails; sent to new subscribers for the brand introduction.

It includes the information regarding products and services your brand offers.

Welcome flow plays a vital role in nurturing your relationship with the subscribers.

What Does Your Welcome Flow Contain

 Each business has its own priorities to set welcome flow for new subscribers but these are common entities that are usually included –

  • A Congratulations Message To Be Part Of The Particular Brand Family
  • Discounts and New Offers
  • Personalized Offers Based On Browsing Choices
  • Order Tracking And Delivery Information
  • Policy Details
  • Loyalty Points And Gifts

When clients subscribe, they are obviously to open those emails and therefore the welcome flow has the best price on call-to-action.

It is designed not only to let your subscribers become familiar with your business but the main purpose is to increase sale eventually.

Significance Of Welcome Flow

According to a survey at Klaviyo, welcome emails have 63% higher open rates compared to other emails sent for marketing purposes.

They are considered a proven way of engaging new subscribers.

E-business or not, nowadays customers expect to receive welcome emails by brands and prefer to subscribe so that they don’t miss any offer brands propose.

Importance Of Welcome Flow On Klaviyo

Since 2012, Klaviyo has facilitated several small and large brands by providing effective strategies to market their products.

According to Klaviyo, welcome flow holds a fundamental step in the journey of creating a long-term relationship with customers.

Statistics prove 63% higher open rate, 86% higher click rate and 83% higher revenue per rate (RPR) than average email campaigns.

Klaviyo claimed the welcome series to have second to abandoned carts when profitability is concerned.

Revenue Generating Record

Klaviyo lets its users create an automated welcome flow so that young brands can center their attention on other areas for mounting their business.

It is quite encouraging when the flow of your revenue is being monitored.

Welcome flow provides you with the list of subscribers of whom you are certain about getting engaged to achieve your sales target.  It helps you to visualize your expected revenue on monthly basis. 

Klaviyo collected data of more than 1000 customers and found them generating revenues of $500k to $1M a year.

Furthermore, data collected within 30 days, concluded that welcome flow generated 6% of the brand online revenue.

The research was carried out on 67% of the cohort out of which the top 25% of the brands generated 17% of their revenue with the efficient welcome flow.

Upsurging Welcome Flow Series

With Klaviyo, the size of your team is something you need to worry about least.

Setting up the initial series is the foremost and essential task for your team and then checking once in a while to supervise and upgrade the series. The rest is taken care of by Klaviyo. 

Klaviyo provides its cohort with the opportunity to understand the welcome flow more precisely by providing step by step guidance.

Some effective factors need to be considered while dealing with welcome automation. 

  • The Right Time To Interact 
  • Gripping Subject Line 
  • Size Of The Welcome Series.
  • Content

Let’s understand each of the above points briefly.

The Right Time To Interact

It is important to interact with the subscribers when they are most involved.

This usually happens when they have subscribed. It is advised to send your first welcome email after they have signed up for your list. 

Gripping Subject Line

Catchy subject line is most likely to captivate the attention thus compelling the subscribers to open the email which automatically increases your open rate and click per rate.

Size Of The Welcome Series

It is best to send 3 to 4 emails within three days-span.

It is important to let your subscriber know that you value their presence and encourage them with the different offers.

This is how sales get boosted and revenue is produced.

Content Of The Email

This is the main presentation of your brand and the products you are offering.

It is like introducing your products while making it real for the subscribers to see its benefit in getting engaged with your business.

A successful business creates a compelling welcome series by presenting its customers with persuasive offers.

There must be 1 or 2 call to action within each message.

Wrapping Up

Klaviyo Welcome Series Flow is not only a powerful setup of a relationship with the subscribers but it is actually an initial step taken towards the unending success of your business.

You can easily get step-by-step guidance to create a Welcome Flow once you land on Klaviyo Dashboard.

If you are looking for a Klaviyo expert to help further your brand.

Remailey helps eCommerce brands further their email journey successfully.

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